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Our Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2017

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Cybersecurity is topping news feeds, and for good reason.

Last year was hailed as the year that hackers stole the show, and experts at Kaspersky Labs have said that this year is going to be no exception.

Security specialists at Mcafee are predicting a rise in the number of consumer security breaches, threats to the Internet of Things and cloud-based attacks.

With so many exciting new innovations in technology we are handing over more of our businesses and lives than we may be aware of.

As exciting as new tech is, it also brings the possibility of new and more creative threats.

So what do these new threats look like? What are big companies doing and is there any way for us to protect ourselves?

Let’s take a look at our top cybersecurity predictions for 2017.


A recent rise in ransomware attacks has been damaging hospitals, schools, businesses and law enforcement organizations. Many agree that ransomware is going to peak in 2017, with a 25% growth predicted until a plateau takes place.

Unfortunately, it has also been suggested that the methods being used to gain access to files are diversifying. Ransomware is extremely lucrative for hackers, especially when they target larger organizations.

Defending against it

Businesses are upping the education they give their staff regarding opening email attachments. And They’re creating more sophisticated passwords for work accounts.

Hacking Meets Home Appliances

The Internet of Things is an incredibly exciting innovation, but it also opens up opportunities for hacking to enter the home in ways it hasn’t before.

Until recently, such small devices haven’t warranted cybersecurity software or checks. But a recent DoS attack on a french company was conducted through mobile smart devices, proving that more diligence is needed.

The biggest danger here is not so much monetary, but more about the theft of personal information and private security. These devices are in our homes, privy to our everyday lives, so the risk for infiltration is very real.

Defending against it

People have started calling for more stringent cybersecurity regulations on mobile smart home appliances and a greater consumer awareness of the risks.

Or Predictions

Smart devices will be subject to the gradual introduction of integrated security software. This will help identify any devices that are performing unauthorized actions.

Mobile Security Will Still Be At Risk

Our cybersecurity predictions aren’t limited to large companies.

The humble mobile phone is also at risk, with many experts predicting a rise in mobile malware.

By using downloadable apps, users are putting their personal information at risk. Mcafee Labs detected 9 million malware apps in Apple and Google app stores, affecting 3 million devices over a 6 month period.

Defending against it

The best way to prevent mobile attacks is to avoid opening messages from strange numbers and to turn off MMS auto retrieval wherever possible.

Our Cybersecurity Predictions

Mobile security software will become increasingly important over the next year to maintain personal safety.

Threats to The Cloud

As trust in the cloud increases, more information is migrated, making it an incredibly tempting place for hackers.

Protecting the cloud is difficult due to the vast nature of it.

The first point of call for hackers is simple credentials to gain access to accounts. They’ve also started changing the way they mine the stacks for weak points, no longer just moving up and down them.

Defending Against It

Pay close attention to administration accounts and the activity on them–these are the accounts that hackers are most likely to target with credential theft.

Our Predictions

It’s been suggested that biometrics and behavioral analytics will help protect users in a way that’s even more personal to them.

Machine learning can also be used to prevent cybersecurity attacks to the cloud and will be able to predict attacks before they occur.

Apple and Adobe Weaknesses Will Be Uncovered

Until very recently, Adobe and Apple have enjoyed a relatively high degree of protection, with Microsoft taking the brunt of the infiltrations and security compromisations.

One of the cybersecurity predictions for 2017 is the ease with which malicious online perpetrators will be able to find weaknesses in Apple software.

This is partly down to Microsoft being well practiced at defending against attacks. Their ‘antiquated’ hardware is also less attractive to hackers.

They’re typically drawn to the software and platforms that experience higher engagement and more users because that’s where they stand to gain more.

Defending Against It

This is hard to defend against until you know the nature of the compromisation. Always keep your software updated and stay smart and vigilant when using your tech.

Our Cybersecurity Predictions

Apple and Adobe will up their encryption game and try to plug any holes with regular software updates.

What Do These Cybersecurity Predictions Teach Us?

This list of cybersecurity predictions is just the start of the story when it comes to protecting businesses and software this year.

Here are some simple ways you can protect yourself:

Get Smart

Teaching your team or yourself about security is a good way to make sure you stay ahead of the hackers. The rules and practices are changing all the time, so staying in touch with best practice is key here.

Consider everything: from basic things like choosing a more secure password and installing security on your phone (especially if you access cloud-based services for business, like Dropbox, for example) to sharing documents over unsecured email.

Ask Questions

Is your site hosted on a cloud-based server? Make sure you know about the security benefits offered to you by your hosting service and what they’re doing in the face of new threats.

Have a Plan

In the unfortunate event that your site does get taken down in a DoS attack, having an effective downtime strategy can help repair the damage that a non-functional website causes.

Hopefully, these cybersecurity predictions have given you plenty of warning when it comes to your own site, household technology, and everyday work essentials.

Ensure you have good security software across all your devices and that you’re installing software updates regularly.