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Gifts for Tech Guys: A Top 10 List

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Just above 50% of the human population is comprised of males. And while we wouldn’t go so far as to assume too much about someone just because they’re a chick or a dude, we can confidently say that a lot of guys we know love tech gifts. Moreover, it’s safe to assume that many individuals also prioritize their health and well-being, making health-related gifts such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other health-centric gadgets thoughtful and appreciated gifts.

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog post, you know a few tech-loving guys as well.

If you do indeed have a techie in your life that has a birthday coming up or another holiday like Easter or Christmas is around the corner, read-on to enjoy our ultimate list of gifts for tech guys that we know that special person in your life will love.

1. Echo Dot

One of our top gifts for tech guys choices is Amazon’s incredible Echo Dot. The Echo Dot brings Amazon’s ultra-intelligent cloud AI into people’s homes and enables them to get answers to questions, set timers, play music, control lights and more with the sound of their voice.

What we love most about the Echo Dot is that this device packs a ton of value and comes with excellent tech support at a price tag that often drops below $30.00.

2. Amazon Fire TV Cube

If your gift recipient loves watching television, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is a must-have. Fire TV Cube combines all of the best aspects of television streaming with all of the best aspects of traditional cable to create an unbeatable viewing experience.

Want to change the channel? Just ask Alexa. Want to record your favorite program? You can ask Alexa to do that for you as well.

With the help of the Fire TV Cube, the tech-lover in your life’s lazy Sundays on the sofa are going to get a whole lot smarter!

3. Portable Battery Pack

Just about every tech lover travels around with a lot of gadgets. Smart watches, phones, laptops… The list goes on.

So what happens then when those gadgets run out of battery? Our guess is that your tech-loving loved one’s day is going to take a turn for the worst.

You can help them avoid that fate by hooking them up with a portable battery pack.

Most battery pack brands that you’ll find on Amazon should be safe buys. Still, we recommend “Anker” battery packs if the price on that brand is right when you’re shopping.

4. Ring Video Door Bell

Technology is pretty cool in all of its various shapes and forms. When it can help you keep your home safe though, we love it even more.

That’s why Ring Video Door Bell makes a great gift for tech guys option.

Ring even allows your gift-recipient to see who’s outside of their house when they’re not home which can help fend off robbers and other bad actors.

5. Phillips Hue Bulbs

You haven’t lived until you’ve integrated Philips Hue light bulbs into your home.

With Hue lights, at the flip of a switch, you can turn an unassuming living room into an intense party. Alternatively, you can turn just about any space into a relaxing area where you can curl up and read a book after a long day of work.

Hue bulbs can be controlled from your smartphone or with the sound of your voice with the help of an Echo Dot, Google Home or other virtual assistants.

6. BioLite FirePit

If your tech-loving friend is also a bit of an outdoorsman, pick them up a BioLite FirePit.

BioLite’s pit can be ignited, raised and lowered all through a user’s smartphone.

Staying cozy outside has never been so easy or fun and while this toy carries a steep price tag, if you can afford to gift it, we certainly think that it’s worth giving.

7. Fitbit Charge 3

Almost 100 million adults across the United States are considered obese. Many experts have cited technology as being a primary culprit in helping fan the flames of this epidemic.

Fitbit bucks that trend by leveraging technology to make getting off your butt interesting and fun.

With Charge 3, you’ll be able to track steps, exercises, look at text messages, manage calendar appointments and much more.

Note that a lot of the Charge 3’s features will require adequate internet speeds to function properly. This blog talks more about common technology problems like internet speed and offers solutions so you can keep all of your smart devices in sync.

8. A Projector

Sure, watching movies on television is fun. That awesome feeling you get when you’ve blown up your favorite film on a 10-foot wall with the help of a projector though is way better.

If your tech-loving friend doesn’t have a projector sitting under their bed or in their garage, do them a favor and grab them one.

There are projector brands on Amazon that pack outstanding picture quality and sell for under $60.00. Just make sure that the one you pick advertises a bulb lifespan of at least 40,000 hours.

9. Nintendo Switch

What’s to say about the Nintendo Switch that hasn’t already been said?

This console is incredible and is on track to becoming Nintendo’s best selling console of all time.

With games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and 2019’s upcoming Animal Crossing game, you can just about guarantee that anybody you gift the Switch to will have hours of fun with it.

10. Nest

If your gift recipient owns a house that has an HVAC system, Nest can help them keep their home comfy and save them money on energy.

Nest is a small panel that you attach over an existing HVAC control console which allows you to control the system from a phone and automate HVAC behaviors to cut back on spending.

Many states offer discounts on Nest systems through energy-saving incentive programs so look into those discounts before buying.

Wrapping Up Our Top 10 Gifts for Tech Guys

Buying gifts for tech guys can be tricky business given the number of options that are out there today. We hope that our list has helped narrow your search and will make your gift-giving endeavors go smoothly!

If the tech-lover in your life has a website, let them know that they can monitor its performance for free with our tools at SiteUptime.

After all, having peace of mind around your website is the gift that keeps on giving!

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