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5 Ways Your Search Engine Ranking Makes a Big Difference for Your Business Success

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What’s your ranking?

Search rankings are the modern way to determine who’s who. It’s like the popular kid clique in high school that gets all the glory and praise. Marketers compete tirelessly to become part of the top search engine rankings, but how do they actually get there?

Every search engine has an algorithm for determining which websites get to be the cream of the crop. To decide, search engines take into account traffic, links, page load time, and a plethora of other factors. The top search engine results get to claim their title, but what does it actually do for business?

Running a business is tough work. It certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. And, if you have major competition then getting ranked will take a whole lot of patience and dedication. 

But, it can certainly be done! So how does ranking in the top spots affect business?

Read on to find out. 

Search Rankings: How Business is Affected

Business owners wear a lot of hats. But, one of the most important roles as a business owner is marketing your website. After all, what’s the point in having a website if no one is visiting it? 

If your website achieves major success by reaching the top search results, you can expect your business to be affected in the following ways. 

1. More Traffic

Receiving more traffic to your website means new customers. It also means potentially an even higher ranking. As you achieve higher rankings, you’ll also cultivate more trust and get noticed by your target audience.

You can then engage them with visual content and encourage customers to share content, which can also improve your ranking

2. More Business 

The best part about ranking higher is that you’ll get more business. For the top ranking businesses, they can expect more sales, more customers, and more leads. This allows your business to grow and for your business to gain more traction in your community. 

3. More Brand Recognition

Branding is important to any marketing strategy. Branding helps your business to be easily recognized. This familiarity with your brand then breeds trust. 

And, for customers to want to do business with you they need to trust you as well. Once you have the customer in the door, then your only job is to give them quality service.

4. Authenticity

If a customer is looking for a service, they’re unlikely to look through multiple pages of search engine results to find the best sales pitch. Instead, they trust that the top businesses on the results page are at the very least authentic. 

This level of authenticity can create leads and generate new business.

5. Reduced Marketing Costs

When you’ve made it to the top of the search engine results page, your marketing budget is reduced. Why? Because you’ll be paying little to no cost to generate an abundance of leads. 

Unlike expensive advertising campaigns, once you’ve made it to the top search engine results the leads flow directly to your business. 

Search Rankings: Can You Snag a Top Spot?

It’s not easy for any business to find themselves on the top of the search rankings.  While it will likely take time, dedication, and a great inbound marketing strategy to reach the top results, it’s extremely beneficial for your business in the long-term. 

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