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Wondering What Google Loves? Click Here For 3 Things That Affect Your SEO Ranking!


There are close to 2 billion active websites live right now. It’s no wonder you’re having a hard time getting traffic to your site!

The good news is, there is a way to make your site easier to find. It’s those three little words you see so often: SEO.

Search optimization can sound scary and complicated. But it isn’t. You don’t even need to know all 200 of Google’s ranking factors.

All you need to know are three simple techniques Google loves and start using them on your site. Before you know it, you’ll start moving up in searches and you may even end up on Google’s coveted first page.

So, what are they? Take a look at three factors Google loves — and you should too!

1. Fast Loading Sites

We can’t stress this enough: Google loves fast-loading sites. More so, users do too.

In fact, after three seconds, visitors are out of there. They’ll find what they need in a shorter amount of time someplace else.

This isn’t what you want. So, how do you fix it?

Step one is for you to figure out why your site is loading so slow. Once you isolate what’s slowing it down, you can address it. Google provides a helpful tool to give you a hand.

You may need professional help, or if you have a WordPress site, it could be something as easy as changing your theme.

2. Mobile-Friendliness

Speed matters, but it matters even more when your mobile site loads fast. Having a mobile-first site is a must, not an option in 2019.

That’s thanks to the estimated 63.4% of mobile users that access the internet on their phones. 

You can take this one step further and make sure your site has responsive design. This will make your site operate and work the same across all devices — smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.

3. Optimizing for Keyword Intent

Make no mistake about it — keywords aren’t dead yet. But, there are other factors regarding your content that you need to take seriously.

Google does — and Google loves it when you take content seriously, too. 

The easiest and most thorough way to do this is by hiring a professional SEO agency. But, if you’re not in the position to do this, there are some immediate steps you can take.

Make sure you’re not overstuffing keywords. Yes, you need keywords. But you need to be cognizant of their intended use.

In other words, how are people using keywords in a search? There are five intentions people have when they search:

  • Navigational: Finding a particular website
  • Informational: Getting the answer to a question
  • Investigational: Finding information before making a purchase
  • Transactional: Making a purchase

A smart site owner will have content that’s relevant to these intentions. Use your keywords in a smart and thoughtful manner. This means finding keywords with a low density so you don’t have to jam them into your page content.

Google Loves When You Stay Informed

Google changes it’s algorithm often to meet demand from users. Google loves when you keep up to speed on all its tweaks and updates. 

Outsourcing a professional SEO company is one way to do this. Another is hiring your own SEO specialist. But if you’re a small business owner, you may not be able to do either.

We can help. SiteUptime focuses on monitoring your website. This ensures your site is operating at optimal efficiency. 

Visit our pricing page to see what we offer. And continuing reading more helpful content like our 10 website optimization tips.

Trust us, Google will love you for checking it out!