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Looking to Increase Online Sales On Your Website?: Here’s How It’s Done


In today’s market, it’s almost a given every business needs to have an online presence. Along with that is the capability to book appointments and accept payments. Your digital presence is an extension of your physical presence.

Brick-and-mortar stores can become global by having a full-service website and social platforms designed to increase online sales. In some instances, an online store can eliminate the need for a physical location altogether. 

The popularity of eCommerce websites continues to grow. Users are also extending their reach by implementing branded apps. Apps are a miniature version of your website that provides users the essentials they need to maintain their accounts and receive updates.

There is more to having a website for selling stuff online. You will need to have an optimization strategy geared towards getting users to the site.

Keep reading for tips on how to increase sales on your website.  

Have a User-Friendly and User-Responsive Website

A lot of internet users are accessing the web via a smartphone or tablet. In the past web designers focused on user-friendly websites. This was the process of mimicking the look and feel of the desktop version on mobile devices.

Today, it is more important than ever to have a user-responsive website. This means the user gets the same experience and functionality regardless of how the site is accessed. 

On websites that offer eCommerce capabilities, it is vital that the user can complete the transaction in a secure setting and with ease.

Increase Online Sales with Optimization Techniques

Website owners with a buy online businesses must utilize optimization techniques to increase sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feeds over into the retail portion of your site. Users looking to make purchases need to know you are offering what they want to buy.

To convert site visitors into buying customers, use these techniques when marketing your merchandise or services.

Image Titles

Whatever you are selling needs to be featured on your website in images or video. People are visual and want to see what they are buying. 

When naming your files you need to be descriptive and separate each word with a hyphen. Ex. If you are selling red dresses, name the file Red-Dresses-Company-Name.jpg.

Always use clear, vibrant, and high-resolution images.

Strong Descriptions

Each product you sell needs to have a strong description. Your descriptions must include keywords that people will most-likely enter in a search engine. Keywords help your product pages rank higher in searches.

Link Descriptors

Like file titles, you want to create links for your product or service that is unique to that item. This will also help raise your ranking in search engines.

Extend Your Reach with Social Media

Every website owner should have a social media presence. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube are great platforms to increase online sales.

With social media, you extend your reach to a larger audience. You now have a place to share content from your website and increase the opportunity of selling stuff online.

An added benefit of marketing on social media is the ability to target your audience through advertising. Most social platforms have advertising options available to businesses wanting to promote their products.

Have a Price Strategy

Having a price strategy is another way to drive sales. This technique is a simple one. Set the price of your product to reach the best profit margin for your business.

Strategies can include offering an introductory price with the intention of raising the price later on. If you are entering a competitive market, price your products to drive sales away from your competitor.

You can also do bundle pricing. This is where the buyer receives a discount for purchasing related products together. Ex. You can bundle a television, DVR, and TV stand. 

For businesses that also have a brick and mortar establishment, you can have a price strategy that offers products with free shipping if purchased online. 

Invest in Retargeting and Remarketing

Retargeting is a more complex option. You may have experienced it and wondered how retailers do it. It’s the process of gathering information when a user visits your website and then remarkets to them the items they searched for.

Yes, it’s that technique where you visit a website looking for a product and then that product appears on every site you visit afterward.

Google technology allows businesses to capture data known as cookies when someone visits their website. The data is then used to create retargeting campaigns that follow the visitor around the web by showing ads for the product.

This process follows the notion that a person is more likely to purchase an item the more they see it. You can also create retargeting ads that offer discounts if the site visitor returns to the website and makes a purchase. 

Prepare for Abandoned Shopping Carts

Abandoned online shopping carts are not uncommon. You can increase your online sales by installing features that offer assistance to shoppers before exiting the website.

Another useful tool is the ability to save their cart and submit a follow-up email to learn why they did not complete the purchase. This technique works in instances where the user has provided contact information.

Encourage Users to Give their Contact Information

Another way to increase online sales is by encouraging site visitors to give their contact information. Within seconds of visiting your website have a pop-up feature that prompts the visitor to register for your site. This could include a 10% discount on their first purchase.

Also, it is a good idea to have other contact collection methods in place throughout the website. This way you can stay in contact with potential customers by sending out special offers, updates on new products, and news about events or sales. 

Are You Ready to Start Making Money?

Increase online sales by following these simple hacks. Keep your website current and consistently updated with new content.

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