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6 Reasons Why Business Press Releases are Good For Marketing


So you’ve got a new product or service that you want to promote. What do you do? If your answer doesn’t include business press releases, you’re going wrong.

While press releases are often thought of as an old marketing tactic, they still have a lot of uses in the modern era. Tens of thousands of press releases still go out every day and you need to be a part of this crowd.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at how press releases can benefit your marketing efforts. Ready to get started? Then read on.

1. Business Press Releases Can Generate Free Marketing

What’s the best type of marketing? That’s right: marketing that you don’t need to pay for. If you can get reporters covering your business, that’s free exposure that you don’t need to pay a penny for.

Let’s say that you put out an innovative new product. You could spend a huge amount of money buying full-page ads in newspapers and magazines as well as paying for PPC ads on your search engine of choice.

On the other hand, you could pay for a press release and news of your product could get picked up by a journal. It could be an industry paper, a regional newspaper, or a national one if you’re innovative (and lucky) enough. 

This means that for the price of putting your press release out on a PR newswire, you’ve got a lot more attention. Not bad, right?

2. You Get to Control the Story

Business press releases aren’t only good for marketing. They’re also a great way of managing stories (good or bad) about your company. Let’s say that you’ve had a PR own goal or something’s gone wrong with your products.

If the story is left to its own devices, journalists can speculate, sources from within your company could leak information and you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

On the other hand, put out a press release, and you’ll be able to manage exactly what is said about your company, as you’ll be the authoritative source.

This means that you can show contrition when necessary and release information at a speed that you think is best for your business. Fewer damaging news stories means better PR, which means a better public image for your company.

3. Press Releases Can Help Your SEO

You might think that SEO is only based on your online activity. Blog posts, metadata, etc. While this is true to a certain extent, it’s not the whole story.

A press release that you publish online will also count as an online post. Each one gives you a backlink to your website, which can help your company’s search rankings. If you optimize the press release to target certain keywords, you’ll be able to take advantage of Google’s algorithm to appear in more diverse results too!

A press release should always be published online in this day and age. Include backlinks and write it correctly and you’ll be able to boost your search rankings fast.

4. You Create a Record of What Your Company Has Been Doing

As time goes by, it’s good to have a record of your company’s progress. This isn’t only for the rather high-minded idea of creating a historical record for your own edification. 

There might come a time when your company needs to seek funding for a particularly ambitious venture. Investors want to know that your company has a good track record and press releases provide that track record.

Any company can boast about their successes but where’s the proof? Press releases on newswires prove that your claims are credible and that you can be trusted. 

Get started creating that record now: you never know when you might need it!

5. They Give New Businesses a PR Headstart

When you’re a brand new business, no one knows anything about you. You want people to start talking about you: how can you do that? The answer may well lie in a press release.

Publishing a press release shows that you’re serious. It gets eyes on your new business right away without you having to spend a fortune on marketing. 

It can get people talking about you, get you visitors to your website, and get people through your doors. Don’t underestimate the power of a press release for new companies.

6. Putting Out a Press Release Promotes Your Authority in the Field

Putting out a press release is a great way to draw attention to your authority on your field of expertise. Let’s say that you’re a new marketing company and you want to show off quite how much you know about SEO and digital marketing.

While you don’t want to put out a press release detailing everything you know, you can use a press release to, say, promote an ebook that you’ve written on the topic.

This can draw people to your website where they can sign up to get a free copy of your ebook. They’ll read it and gain respect for your company’s expertise. Plus, you’ll have an email address to work your email marketing magic on!

A press release is a  great way to show how expert you are in your field and promote this quality. 

Press Releases Are Still Vital

We hope that you’ve learned why business press releases are still vital. They can help your company across every aspect of its PR and marketing. Make sure that you’re making use of these great tools in your arsenal!

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