Create a LinkedIn Sales Funnel

The Brief Guide That Makes It Simple to Create a LinkedIn Sales Funnel


Are you a webmaster looking to generate more leads? If so, you’ve likely read a lot about the sales funnel strategy. While there’s plenty of information on the internet about it, not all of it proves relevant or up-to-date.

What’s more, many articles get so mired in the details that it’s hard to make sense of them, let alone locate a few actionable steps you can take to get your business moving forward. That’s where this article is different.

In a very brief, concise way, we’re going to drill down into the essence of what a fantastic sales funnel is. Keep reading for our fast, no-holds-barred approach to the digital marketing advice you need to become a LinkedIn lead magnet legend. 

LinkedIn: Get This Straight

When crafting an effective sales funnel via LinkedIn, we must get one thing straight from the get-go. LinkedIn is NOT Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. What do we mean? In essence, keep it professional.

No one wants to hear about the lunch you ate or the coffee you ordered from the corner cafe. That said, LinkedIn’s audience is excellent, particularly for B2B marketing.

Why? Because it’s chock full of your ideal customer. Here’s more on the benefits of using LinkedIn.

There’s no better way to connect directly with decision-makers of every stripe. But how do you use LinkedIn to create a sales funnel? Start by finding and connecting with prospects.

To do this most effectively, know who your ideal client is, how to speak their business language, and what challenges they face. That way, you can most effectively target them.

Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage

Once you’ve drilled into your target audience, use LinkedIn Advanced Search to find them. How does it work? This function lets you Boolean search, which means you can filter your data based on multiple parameters, securing your ideal market.

An easy way to start is by researching the job title of your ideal customer. But you can also graduate onto more advanced searches as you gain familiarity with the tool. The point here is to locate those individuals you most want to target and nix the ones you don’t want to waste your marketing message on. 

Once you’ve found the right individuals for your marketing campaign, send them a personalized connection request. Make sure your message is both customized and relevant. After all, you don’t want to rack up too many “ignore” and “I don’t know this person” reports via LinkedIn.

Why? Because you’ll find yourself dealing with LinkedIn Account Restriction. While we’re on the topic of LinkedIn peculiarities, you should also bone up on the LinkedIn invitation limit and how to deal with this feature.

Creating a LinkedIn Sales Funnel

Once you’ve located your ideal customers via LinkedIn and reached out to them to start a relationship, it’s all about providing value and trust. Do this by providing consistent messaging that’s relevant and useful. Take time to build relationships, an essential yet often overlooked aspect of a digital marketing funnel.

What’s your ultimate goal? Moving prospects to an offline conversation. When it comes to smart marketing, the best way to convert a customer is to begin a private sales conversation.

Are you interested in learning more about the digital marketing industry and how to make it work for you? Browse our blog for the information you need to craft the ideal sales funnel for various platforms, from specific social media channels to your website.