SEO Trends

4 SEO Trends to Look Out For in 2021


Search Engine Optimization is a reflection of the Web as a whole.

As the Web changes, so do the SEO strategies. While best practices are essential for success, it’s important to try cutting-edge strategies that reflect the larger Web shift. 

Here are the top SEO trends to look out for in 2021 (and beyond).

Ok, Google…

The adoption of smart assistants in recent years has been phenomenal.

Google, Apple, Amazon, and many others have their renditions. These voice-controlled assistants are influencing the way we interact with Web content. Specifically, how search engines gather and return search queries.

For your content and SEO efforts in 2021, aim to deliver short, info-packed answers.

Leverage customer questions and search queries to craft content ideas. Then, apply on-page SEO to these pages, refining their direct presentation for search and users. In short, you’ll create more direct Q&A-type content.

Beyond the Corporate Video

Future SEO trends are well beyond the tired old corporate video.

People today, especially younger types, are engaging with brands through interactive video formats. They’re also engaging with personalities through live streaming services, in-game concerts, virtual reality, and the like.

If you haven’t yet — get a strong grasp of video marketing.

From there, start exploring platforms like Twitch, IG stories, and TikTok videos. Do a mix of short and long-form content. Then, leverage traditional tactics to get noticed through your video efforts.

Know Somebody That Knows Somebody

If you thought people’s attention spans were short, wait to see how it goes in 2021!

Influencer marketing is turning the industry on its head.

Brands are ditching multi-million dollar campaigns to collab with online stars. Why? Because they don’t just command a massive audience. They command an audience that’s hyper-engaged.

Your brand should explore connecting with influencers in your market. This doesn’t need to be someone with millions of followers, either. Seek those who have high engagement and retention. Then, find ways to mesh your products with their content.

The exposure gets people talking and this means super high-value backlinks.

It’s About Intent

Big, beefy pieces of content are great and all…

… but they’re kind of moot if it’s not what users want.

Brands are starting to realize that their content and SEO strategy needs to adapt to user intent. Specifically, align to both the topic and how much attention they’re willing to give.

Take a page from TikTok and its micro content format.

People want quick answers and suggestions. They feed on fast content and entertainment. Resist all you want but that’s where the SEO and content trends are going. So, start adapting by reworking your strategy to align with the shift.

SEO Trends Will Evolve. Will You?

Be prepared to rework campaigns and strategies to current and new SEO trends. It doing so, you will help your brand succeed in 2021 and beyond.

So, what’s next?

Check out and absorb as much as you can about SEO, and stay on the cutting edge. Check out the rest of the blog for more strategies and tactics to include in your efforts.