Become a Copywriter

How to Become a Copywriter


Before asking how to become a copywriter, it’s always a good idea to start at the beginning. Just what is a copywriter? A copywriter is someone who creates text materials for marketers.

This text can be used in blog posts, videos, audio broadcasts, print materials, and more. In the following article, we will be exploring the four ways to start your career as a copywriter.

It’s a good thing, too, as you can make some darn good money depending on skill level. Let’s begin!

1. Study Copy That Works

The first thing to understand in the journey to becoming a copywriter is that copywriting comes in many forms. Short-form, long-form, emails, static web pages, opt-in landing pages, white papers, print marketing collateral, and sales letters totaling a few thousand words.

Once you learn the different types, you’ll be in a better position to determine your path. Whatever you decide, it helps to take a course from an experienced, practicing copywriter. You can find some good ones for a few hundred dollars (cheaper if they’re running specials). 

Invest in your copywriting education. It’s the best way to start from nothing and build a network of jobs and contacts.

2. Decide Between Generalist Or Specialist

Every copywriter must decide whether he’d like to write about multiple topics or drill deep into a single niche. The multiple-topic generalist might have an easier time finding work, but they typically work for a lower rate of pay.

Niche writers, on the other hand, spend so much time around their topic that they become experts at them. As experts, they know where to look for more lucrative work and can put premium prices on their services with more confidence.

3. Tap Your Existing Network

The existing network is a great place to start if you want to get going as a content writer but have no published experience. Offer some of the business people with whom you have relationships content for free or “on spec,” meaning they only pay you if they end up using what you’ve written.

This path helps tear down any barriers to resistance the client might have. It also gives you clips you can use to land more lucrative paying jobs. You can also monetize people with whom you’ve worked for free if you sell your initial offer as “limited time.” 

That way, they know from the outset that you aim to raise prices. You just have to prove to them through what you deliver that the pay bump is worth it.

4. Follow a Lead Generation System

The last step in how to become a content writer with a steady supply of work is to place a system for generating leads in place. There are many ways to do it.

  • Cold calls/emails
  • Applying to remote work opportunities that involve copywriting
  • Going door-to-door in your city advertising your services
  • Running ads on Google, Facebook, or another website/social network of your choosing

Choose a path you understand and are comfortable with using. Experiment with other forms. See what gains the most traction and focus most of your marketing budget on those areas.

Learning How to Become a Copywriter Can Open Up New Career Possibilities

We hope this look at how to become a copywriter will set you on the proper course. Just remember to study the greats, decide on your path, use your network to your advantage, and set some system in place for capturing and nurturing your leads.

Best of luck! For more advice on how you can start a career writing, check out some of our additional posts.