TikTok for Businesses

TikTok for Businesses: 7 Important Tips


TikTok is the leading platform for social media influencers and brands with over 1 billion users.

No, we haven’t made an error. Over 1 billion users are accustomed to the snapshot videos and the greatest algorithm you will ever see in social media. It’s so popular it’s up there with Snapchat and Instagram.

So why are you not using it yet? This blog post will cover seven important tips that can help any business owner get started and succeed on TikTok for business.

1. Include Relevant and Trending Hashtags

Be smart about using hashtags in your TikTok marketing posts to make the algorithm work for your business. Use relevant hashtags that are trending. Using TikTok, you will know which hashtags are trending at a glance.

When you search for hashtags, TikTok will display whether they’ve received views and which ones are trending, as well as indicate one with a fire icon. Make every TikTok caption relevant with trending hashtags.

2. Use Songs That Are Trending

You will notice that you hear the same songs often on TikTok because music is an integral part of the experience. One of the best TikTok strategies is to TikTok’s video feed, aka the “For You Page (FYP)” to gain inspiration for new songs, but it will also show you which songs are popular.

You will determine what type of content to post with that song if you notice the same song being used repeatedly. One of the great benefits of TikTok is that it allows you to add songs to your favorites to select them later if you want to use them. You can do that by clicking the music title at the bottom of the site.

3. Participate in Challenges

We should talk about challenges while discussing trending songs. In challenges, people recreate a trending video by using a specific song and usually make it their own.

Participate in challenges and use trending songs to trick the TikTok algorithm by employing two tips at once! This is one of the best TikTok advertising strategies to take advantage of and gain the most followers.

4. Post in The Evening

Many theories indicate that the best time to post on TikTok is late in the afternoon or evening. Once your video is posted, this theory hinges on the peak activity periods on TikTok, which means the greatest chance of people seeing and engaging with your video.

5. Post Often

FYP’s algorithm is more likely to accept videos that have been posted on TikTok. Videos can be hard to predict.

Often, those that end up going viral are those you least expected to have a massive audience. Your TikTok videos will perform better if you post often. Then you can keep experimenting with similar videos to increase your reach.

6. Talk About Location

Small businesses can use TikTok to see videos made by people in their city and country! In your TikTok videos and captions, make sure to specify your location.

Especially if your small business is trying to attract local customers, don’t be afraid to make videos that only locals will appreciate.

In the end, you want to encourage engagement on TikTok. So, focus on the TikTok likes, comments and shares and you won’t go wrong.

7. Never Delete Posts

The TikTok theory mentioned by those who have experienced a video ‘going viral’ suggests that you should never delete a clip even if it doesn’t receive many views.

It’s commonly believed that deleting videos will cause your account to be shadowbanned on TikTok; however, this is not the main reason to avoid deleting videos.

All the old posts that didn’t get many views will now get watched by all your new followers once a TikTok goes viral. With all these new followers, maybe your old video will trend!

Use TikTok for Business Today

TikTok might never cross your mind in the past. But in today’s social media-driven society, it’s the must-have tool for any business looking to promote itself in any way. No doubt you’ll go viral in no time following our TikTok for business advice!

Keep reading for more awesome tips to get your businesses on the front page!