Solar Panels

4 Reasons to Get Solar Panels


Within the decade, we’ll probably see the efficiency of solar panels increase by another 50% over today’s best systems. You don’t need to wait a decade to start benefitting now.

If you start looking at the current benefits, there’s no reason to wait. Development of solar technology in the 2010s exploded, with record installations in 2019.

2021 and beyond are expected to continue that rise that the coronavirus pandemic slowed. Why? Keep reading to find out the main driving forces behind solar power growth as an industry.

1. Solar Panels Save You Money

home solar installation saves you money, plain and simple.

You have the potential to cut the cord on increasing energy prices, benefit from tax credits, and more. They also shield your roof from harmful UV and solar damage, possibly even extending the lifetime of your roof, if it was new to start.

Tax credits and installation costs are easily mitigated and you usually get a return on your investment in about 10 years.

2. Solar Power Systems Save the Environment

It’s undisputed that compared to other forms of electrical generation, solar is the most friendly to the environment.

Yes, there are components that have toxic elements to them, since they are electronic devices. Yes, the production of some of the raw materials also involves an energy-intensive process and uses toxic chemicals. Yes, they must be properly recycled instead of being thrown in the landfill.

Despite those points, it encourages bio-diversity, doesn’t kill birds and bats in flight, doesn’t create air pollution, and doesn’t create nuclear waste.

3. Long-Term Value and Home Resale Value

We mentioned that you get a return on your investment in about 10 years. After that, your panels may last another 15 years. What do they do until then?

If they’re still generating electricity, that means they’re saving you money and providing value. If you have solar credits building up, it’s possible that you can sell those to a neighbor or someone else who wants to apply those credits to their own energy bill.

It doesn’t always work this way, so you’ll have to check the regulations in your own state.

A roof system that is completely paid off, on a roof that is also about the same age, may also increase the real estate value of your home. 

4. Take Power Back From Utilities (Metaphorically Speaking)

Speaking of energy credits, you could pull the plug altogether on the grid. A battery system will keep your home running 24/7 365 days a year, and still get energy credits.

Although, that’s only if you have the roof area for a large enough system. Off-grid systems are a complete separation from utilities, unlike grid-tie systems.

The benefit is that you aren’t contributing to utilities at all. If you don’t want anything to do with supporting environmentally unfriendly power systems, this may be your route.

In either case, providing entirely for your electricity needs means that you become self-sufficient and take power back as an individual away from corporations. We live in an age where becoming independent from large organizations is becoming more desirable.

This helps you to do just that.

Solar Panels: Opening Up the Possibilities

As you can see solar panels open up a lot of possibilities for a different way of life, increasing the value of your assets, protecting your assets, and saving the environment along the way.

Did you know solar power can do all that? Want to know more about solar and how it works? Keep browsing our articles for the latest and greatest tech news!