Google Search Engine Algorithm

A No-Nonsense Guide to Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates


The Google search engine algorithm is the basis of any good digital marketing campaign. SEO is essential, and most campaigns center their efforts around some interaction with keywords, rankings, or optimization. 

The algorithm sits at the center of that process, and it’s very important to understand what you can about the algorithm in order to optimize for it. 

The trouble is that the algorithm updates all the time. In fact, there are minuscule adjustments made to the algorithm every day. We’re going to take a look at the search algorithm used by Google search engine today. For some ideas on how to keep up with the changes, read on. 

How to Keep Up With Search Engine Algorithm Updates

When changes to the algorithm occur, you run the risk of having your rankings disheveled and your campaign upset. New factors, values, and preferences that disagree with the content you’ve already created can have a real negative impact. 

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that most single adjustments to the algorithm won’t hurt you too much, if at all. Updates tend to shift the values of different factors that already exist. 

For example, recent updates have shifted the value toward mobile optimization and site speed. Those values already existed in the algorithm, they’re just a little more important now. 

A solid SEO campaign shouldn’t have any major issue when a shift like this occurs. You might see an up or downtick in rankings, but those changes won’t be more than a few spots in either direction. 

If you don’t feel like your campaign is well-rounded enough to keep up with those changes, take a look at this guide

Anticipating Updates

The small updates that Google makes on a daily basis aren’t possible to keep track of. If you were to keep track of those updates, you’d spend far too much time monitoring and adjusting to them. 

Those changes to the algorithm are inconsequential in the short term. You can notice trends in those changes over the course of a few months and adjust to those shifts, but don’t worry yourself over the minute adjustments. 

Any significant change to the algorithm will come with a forewarning from Google. In most cases, they let out a statement a few months in advance, hinting at what might be involved in the rollout. 

Google’s webmaster accounts will keep digital marketers informed about those shifts, so be sure to monitor their messaging. Other than that, the algorithm stays pretty solid. 

Odds are that you’ll only have to change a thing or two when those changes occur. 

Want To Know More about Ranking Algorithms for Search Engines? 

The search engine algorithm is a complex thing, and it only gets more complicated as time goes on. There are ways to do well in rankings, though, no matter how hard it is to understand what Google is doing. 

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