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Why Every Business Owner Needs Web Server Monitoring

Website Tips and Tricks

If you are like many business owners today, you probably invest quite a bit of time in your website.

Maintaining an optimized site seems to get more and more complex every day.

Businesses are now urged to consider much more than just producing effective content. You are also advised to consider your SEO tactics, internal and external linking, your site’s performance, user experience, and protecting your site from potential attacks.

Just keeping up with the current website trends and strategies can be overwhelming.

Then, there’s web server monitoring, which may come completely as an afterthought to all of the other things that you should be mindful of.

Is web server monitoring really necessary?

If you aren’t monitoring your site, you might be making a big mistake.

Here’s why every business needs to make sure their server is monitored!

Top Reasons Web Server Monitoring is Essential to Your Business

While it might not dawn on you as an essential service, monitoring your website, or server can benefit your business in many ways.

There are several aspects to web site monitoring that may not be common knowledge to the average business owner.

1. Monitoring Your Site is Critical to Site Performance

Without monitoring your site, you are not likely to know about issues that affect your site’s performance, such as downtime and glitches.

Your site runs the risk of encountering extended periods of downtime occurring without you even being informed of the problem.

Web server monitoring services can check the performance of your site at regular intervals ranging, from every couple of minutes to hours, depending on which service package that you sign up for.

2. Effective Web Monitoring Increases Revenue

One of the prime advantages of a monitoring service is the value it adds to your business’s potential revenue.

According to a study by Zona Research, decreased web speed costs companies $25 billion dollars per year. This is including $21 billion that is lost due to delayed web page downloads resulting in customers abandoning the site altogether.

By enlisting the services of professionals, you can track slow web speeds to the root cause and have the opportunity to correct any issues before incurring major losses.

3. Web Server Monitoring Services Extend Beyond Your Site

Not only do professional monitoring services cover your site’s performance. Their services include checking your server, email and website applications to measure overall availability and response times.

Monitoring is crucial in knowing how to blog for your site effectively.

The data collected can also be used towards social media marketing strategies.

Backlink monitoring is another benefit offered by professional services.

The scope of features that are monitored by a professional service, such as those listed here, are often never considered by many business owners. However, they each offer a vital component to your company’s success.

4. Multiple Servers Around the World Can Be Monitored Simultaneously

Site Uptime provides a fast, effective and automated method for checking the availability of a website.

The service provides multiple monitoring servers around the world to run analytics at regular intervals, ensuring that visitors can access your site at any time of the day or night.

5. A Professional Monitoring Service Makes the Process Simple

For many business owners, web server monitoring is a foreign concept, and the necessary steps required for the process to be effective can be pretty overwhelming.

That’s why you should consider using a professional monitoring service, such as the one listed above. They make the process simple for virtually everyone to use and understand.

Unlike do it yourself monitoring, a professional web server monitoring service that works as a hosted service eliminates the need for you download and install extra software. And the service can be set up through a user-friendly control panel.

6. Web Server Monitoring Improves Your Customers Experience and Provides Valuable Insight

Not only does web site monitoring help with site speed and delays, it also provides other valuable insights to help you boost your customers’ experience.

You can track what drives consumers to your site, browsing behavior, search terms and more.

Understanding what brings consumers to your site, and what keeps them interested is monumental in forming the best strategy for your business.

7. It Monitors Updates and Changes to Your File System to Protect You From Attacks

In addition to alerting you when your system has encountered an attack that has affected its performance, a website monitoring service can work to stop these attacks before they happen.

A monitoring service will monitor system updates and changes within your file system to protect you from attacks before they have the opportunity to wreak havoc on your site.

Your website is checked for any security vulnerabilities, which is a must-have for those working in professions that handle highly sensitive or confidential data.

This is an essential advantage to your security compliance and policy maintenance.

8. Professional Web Site Monitoring is Available for Every Budget

With monitoring packages that are available for absolutely free, there is no reason not to have your business website monitored.

There are website monitoring packages that fit every budget, with a range of services that cover all of your needs, no matter what they might include.

It does not matter if you are an established site that needs extensive features and protections, or if you are a company just starting out on a limited budget, there is a monitoring service package to accommodate your company’s requirements.

If you are still unsure about how a monitoring service can benefit your business, why not try it out for free? Even the no-cost package offers several built in advantages that can serve you. And, when you are ready to upgrade, their transition process is seamless.

Does Your Business Web Site Need Monitoring?

Every business can benefit from having their site monitored. If you don’t have web server monitoring already in place for your company website, click here to get started today!