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Will The Next Solar Flare Affect My Site Uptime?

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Solar flares are natural occurrences that happen when magnetic energy built up in the solar atmosphere is released all in one go.

This is why you can sometimes spot sudden variations in brightness on the sun’s surface.

There are plenty of reasons your website might crash, but did you know a solar flare could potentially cause uptime issues for your site?

Today we’re discussing how this is possible, and how you can prepare.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

How Could a Solar Flare Affect My Uptime?

Solar flares can interrupt connectivity and cause electrical issues, whether through the grid or through your solar installation system.

When they occur, huge bursts of radiation are released. The levels of radiation and energy emitted are what help scientists classify their severity.

The amount of energy released by certain flares can amount to as much as a billion hydrogen bombs. All this energy and radiation can interfere with satellite signals.

How To Cope With Uptime Disruptions

Uptime disruptions or crashes caused by a flare can be extremely frustrating, as they are completely unpredictable. They are manageable, however, and even more so when you have web server monitoring support to cover you.

Below are a few ways you can mitigate any damages:

Multiple Server Checks

Solar flares don’t happen at the same time everywhere around the world because, due to differences in latitude, the sun is in different parts of the sky depending on where in the world you are.

Due to this, the disruptions of a solar flare can span a series of days in different parts of the world. Thankfully, website monitoring services offer a quick, efficient and automated means of checking your website’s availability.

Multiple servers around the world can be checked simultaneously. This allows analytics to be reviewed regularly, ensuring maximum traffic can access your site day or night, regardless where in the world you are.

Make Updates

Should you find your uptime has been disrupted, it may be worth making updates to your website and systems to inform potential clients of the glitch.

Do this via any social media channels you may have, as well as directly via your website. Covering all bases is essential to keeping clients in the loop. Communication is key.

Also, see if there’s anything in your website’s code that could be improved to better weather future disruptions.

Be Prepared for Future Crashes

To make sure you’re prepared for any future crashes, whether they’re brought on by another solar flare, a natural disaster, or connectivity issues, you’re going to need to make some preparations.

DNS and Database Backup

Invest in a DNS backup service, and be sure to regularly back up your database.

The only thing worse than a crash is a crash you’re not prepared for that wipes all your progress and updates. Being prepared this way eliminates that eventuality.

Monitoring Service

This is where we come in.

Downtime can cost you. For this reason, monitoring your website is crucial. Our experts can help protect your website from harmful attacks, preventing costly downtime.

Our Free, Standard, and Pro accounts offer varying levels of protection and services that could be of great help the next time a solar flare decides to show up. For any queries, contact us to get started today!