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5 Reasons Web Server Monitoring Is A Must For Your Photo Blanket Website

Website Monitoring

Running an online business can be a great way to make some extra money, be your own boss, or start an exciting career.

But running a web-based business isn’t without its challenges.

One major challenge that online business owners struggle with is keeping their site running, addressing downtime, and protecting their site from cyber attacks.

Luckily, web server monitoring can eliminate those challenges, and make it easy to provide great customer service every time! Keep reading to learn more about why web monitoring is essential or every photo blanket company.

1. Building a Reputation for Your Company

When it comes to operating a photo blanket shop, your website is everything.

Customers expect to be able to visit your site at any time and design an awesome blanket. If your website is constantly experiencing downtime, customers aren’t going to be impressed.

With web server monitoring, you’ll know the moment that your site goes down. That way you can react and get it up and going again, without hurting your company’s reputation.

2. Prevent Lost Sales and Leads

Downtime on your website means that customers aren’t able to buy off your site. It also means that new customers won’t even be able to visit your website for the first time.

Lost sales and leads can be devastating for a company that does all of its business online. Make sure that your photo blanket business is landing as many sales as possible by investing in monitoring to keep your site running smoothly, and to allow you to fix it right away when it isn’t.

3. Fast Reactions to Security Threats

By the year 2021, cyber attacks are estimated to hit $6 trillion a year.

If you think that your business is too small to be the target of these attacks, think again. Over 40 percent of all cyber attacks target small businesses.

Protect your photo blanket business by using web server monitoring to detect attempted attacks as soon as they happen.

When they do, make sure to address the attacks as quickly as possible. You’ll need to warn your customers that an attack on their information may have occurred, and take actions to prevent any future attacks from happening.

4. SEO Strategies

A little known risk of not investing in web server monitoring is a negative effect on any SEO strategies that you’ve been implementing on your website.

Even though monitoring won’t directly affect your site, prolonged or repeated downtime will cause Google to rank your site poorly for bad performance.

5. Less Work and Stress for You

When you’re running a business, constantly worrying about your website being down or being attacked by cybercriminals is the last thing you’ll want to do. If your site does go down or experience a cyber attack, you’ll have to spend tons of time fixing it and reversing any damage that’s already occurred.

That time would be much better spent expanding your business, implementing marketing tactics, and more.

Spend your time on more productive tactics by leaving your web monitoring to the professionals. Running a photo blanket company can be a rewarding and exciting choice. Click here for more ideas of what a successful photo blanket business could be.

Implement Web Server Monitoring Today

Keep your site up and running and find out the moment that attempted cyber attacks occur by investing in web server monitoring.

Leave the monitoring to us, and we’ll alert you by phone, text, or email when a problem arises on your website. Contact us today to see how our monitoring can help keep your website running smoothly!