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What Exactly Does Unlimited Bandwidth Mean for Your Drug Recovery Site?

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It would be nice if we could end the Net Neutrality battle once and for all. Where we could all enjoy unlimited bandwidth without the looming doom of data caps.

Bandwidth benefits both parties:

  • Site owners
  • Site visitors

Drug recovery site owners can deliver information when visitors need it the most. Visitors can access vital resources like a drug abuse hotline, or, recovery center locations without the site crawling to load.

Operate one of these drug recovery sites?

You’ll want to know what to consider when shopping around for web hosts that use unlimited bandwidth as a selling point.

Getting Technical with Unlimited Bandwidth

How are web hosts able to support such high bandwidth when it seems like our net gets throttled? Let’s get into the technical side of it.

Unlimited bandwidth is possible because web hosting companies have an incredible infrastructure. They house thousands of servers.

But, is it truly unlimited?

It comes down to demand. Meaning there are “whales” that will stretch their unlimited account to its limits. Then, those that pay for unlimited but use very little.

The bandwidth is generally capped a couple of ways when maxing:

  • CPU usage
  • Inodes

The costs are mitigated through the customer pool.

Overall, it’s not exactly “real” per se but it usually means you’re working with a reliable web host. The uncapped bandwidth is usually paired with unlimited storage. You’ll also notice great uptime which makes it a good sign.

The Benefits of the Drug Recovery Site

There’s more to having the drug recovery site staying up and just those times of needs for the visitors. There are lots of long-term benefits as a whole, including…

Search Engine Optimization

Websites frequently causing errors or go offline get penalized by search engines. The site doesn’t appear to be reliable so it gets a reduction in rank.

What happens with lower ranks?

  • Less visitor engagement
  • Less money due to lost conversions

Sites with high bandwidth and uptime avoid these penalties associated with frequent outages. They’re able to keep visitors entertained and informed.

Slow websites also happen to give signals to malicious types.

Hackers noticing a slow site sees its vulnerability. Mainly from a lack of investment in good hardware. These attacks or malware injections could harm visitor devices or expose private documents.

Again, these are the type of problems that Google and other search engines are quick to penalize. It’s difficult to bounce back once the site is flagged as being dangerous!

Visitor Retention

Those visiting the drug recovery websites are probably:

A. Seeking help for someone close

B. Seeking help for themselves

These visitors will spend time on the site learning about their afflictions. They will seek recovery methods. But, if a site is experiencing outages they will seek information elsewhere — and they may not come back!

Fast loading sites let the visitor open tabs so they can bounce between the information. It will load vital media like photos and videos without long buffer times.

In all, it delivers what a visitor wants without the long wait. This makes the website experience enjoyable and worthwhile.

Employee Productivity

Businesses rely on many SaaS options in place of traditional hardware. SaaS is an alternative to applications found at workstations.

During outages, employees are unable to perform their everyday tasks. Unable to work, it will affect all areas of the business.

Lack of bandwidth will make these services run extremely slow.

Downtime and bandwidth throttling disrupt:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Logistics
  • Inventory

A drug recovery business will likely use their website as a central point of operations. Workstations and remote access rely on a fast site.

The downtime will prevent them from performing critical services.

Worse is when it’s in times of need for their most affected visitors. Good updates prevent these problems. Else, it lessens the blow during those rare occasions (when factoring the 1% in the 99% uptime).

Improved Reputation

Think of those few times Google and Facebook have experienced downtime.

Businesses were suddenly nonfunctional because of their reliance on Google apps like Gmail. Facebook users panicked. The users took to other platforms to voice their (sometimes hateful) opinions of the network.

Downtime is equal to missing a date.

Consumers immediately assume the business is skimping on quality hosting services. The “cheapness” then reflects on the brand. It’s difficult to rebuild reputation after it’s tarnished.

This is also true with how quickly information is delivered to the visitor.

A site having trouble loading pages due to bandwidth problems will cause aggravation. The visitor won’t wait. They will use this unfortunate experience as a basis for why they don’t care for your brand and reputation.

Disaster Recovery

Site uptime services provide website monitoring. Monitoring will alert you if the site goes down. Extended periods of downtime may signal a catastrophic failure.

The alert lets you take action:

  • Quickly contacting the hosting provider
  • Repairing failed hardware
  • Fixing software and application errors
  • Stop on-going hacking activities

Monitoring happens 24/7/365. The constant monitoring is helpful considering we all lead busy lives. Plus, we need this thing called sleep.

You’ll get an alert via SMS and email letting you know of any problems. A contrast to keeping the site open in a browser tab.

The bandwidth is helpful when rolling out critical updates. Also, for patches during these problematic moments. Good down and upload times allow remote login to the server to apply timely fixes with few troubles.

Know if Your Provider Holds Up

Marketing won’t do them good when you’re testing their claims using site uptime and speed test tools. You’ll see through their claims. The tools give you quite an edge when selecting hosting services.

Operating a drug recovery site is a big commitment especially when visitors come to you in their greatest time of need. You don’t want the website failing to help because the hosting provider is failing on their part.

Your turn: What benefits of unlimited bandwidth can you think of for a site?